1- What are the total costs for purchasing or selling a property?

Purchase costs are approximately 10% on top of the purchase price including all taxes/fees/VAT of all the proffesionals involved, such as Lawyer, Notary, Land Registrar, Engineer, Estate Agent

Sales costs are approximately 5% o top of the sales price

2- What is the likely timeline for purchasing/selling a property?

It's approximately 8 weeks, always depending on the other contracting party as well.

3- Is it acceptable to receive the proceeds of the sale into my bank account overseas?

Yes, it is.

4- How can I open a Greek bank account, change utiltiies and arrange direct debits?

Our firm deals with all of these, on a power of attorney.

5- Are all legal services covered by any proffesioanl indemnity insurance?

Yes, our firm's services to our clients are covered by ETHNIKI INSURANCE, the biggest one in Greece.

6- How long it takes before the Golden Visa is granted?

It usually takes 8 weeks after the purchase contrcat is signed.

7- Can i revoke a power of attorney already signed?

A power of attorney can be revoked anytime during the process.

8- At which point I need to pay legal fees?

all legal fees are paid on completion (property purchase/sale) of the process.

9- Do I have to deposit a minimum amount in my new Greek Bank account?

No, it is not necessary.

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